TopDog/Underdog – The Grand Rapids Press Review

Photo by: Delbridge Langdon Jr., The Grand Rapids Press

Photo by: Delbridge Langdon Jr., The Grand Rapids Press

Be sure and check out Lorilee Craker’s review of TopDog/Underdog. Have you seen the show?  Be sure and comment on the GR Press site and give everyone YOUR review…

Actors’ Theatre’s ‘TopDog/Underdog’ is a tale of brotherly shove

by Lorilee Craker of The Grand Rapids Press

September 25, 2009

Cain and Abel. Jacob and Esau. Stories of brothers at odds go back a long way, and Actors Theatre’s season opener was a potent, raw and disturbing reminder of such conflicts.

“It was me and you against the world,” the younger brother said to the older brother, referring to a time years ago, after their parents had left them to fend for themselves.

In some ways, as “Top Dog/Underdog” opened on the Spectrum Theater stage Thursday night to an audience of 150, Booth (Sammy Publes) and Lincoln (Marcus Woodswelch) still only really had each other…  (Read more at

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