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On The Town Magazine featured Actors’ Mr. Marmalade in their Stage Dives section.  Be sure and check out the rest of the article on mlive.com!

Stage Dive: Actors’ Theatre presents Mr. Marmalade
By Katerie Prior | On-the-Town
January 26, 2010, 9:00AM

At some point in life, nearly every young child has an imaginary friend, but few are quite like Mr. Marmalade, the title character of the play at Actors’ Theatre this month.

Actors' Theatre Mr. Marmalade cast

(L-R front) Dylan Harris 23, Krystina Schripsema, 21, (L-R back) Tailor J. Piednente, 20, Ellie Gramer, 20, Jonathan Clausen, 37, Rob Karel, 23. Photo by Brian Forde.

Created by Lucy, an imaginative 4-year-old, Mr. Marmalade isn’t the cuddly teddy bear or glittery fairy godparent there to represent Lucy’s divorced and usually absent parents. Instead, Mr. Marmalade is a Blackberry-toting, cocaine-sniffing businessman. When Mr. Marmalade does have time to talk to Lucy, his discussions range from the worldly absurd to the darkly dysfunctional. But when a little boy named Larry starts coming over for playdates, Mr. Marmalade soon learns what Lucy means to him.

Written by East Grand Rapids native Noah Haidle, Mr. Marmalade was acclaimed when it opened off Broadway for its ability to mix dark comedy with the issue of neglect….

You can read the rest of the article here on www.mlive.com

Just two chances to see the show left!  February 5—6. Showtime is at 8 p.m. at Spectrum Theater, 160 Fountain NE. Tickets $22. Call 234-3946.

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