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Save the Date: LOTE VII, June 2, 3 and 4

Actors Theatre Grand Rapids Living on the Edge Actors’ Theatre Grand Rapids is proud to announce the dates for this year’s Living on the Edge 10 Minute Play Festival. Be sure and join us for this fantastic evening of local community theatre!

June 2 – 8:00 PM
June 3 – 8:00 PM
June 4 – 7:00 PM and 9:00 PM

Living On The Edge will be performed in the “black box” performance space (Room 201 – Spectrum Theater Building).

This year’s theme is “Making Art, Making Money.” The five finalists from chosen from our public reading last month are:

Selling It
Written by: G.M. (Bud) Thompson
Directed by: Calin Skindmore

A casual visitor to an art gallery encounters a unique piece on display that challenges his concepts of what art is… or can be…or should be: esthetic expression? Social statement? Commercially viable generator of funding for future pieces? Welcome to a world where art can be… has to be… all those things at the same time. Is anyone buying it?

Extra-Curricular Activities
Written by: Kristin Andrea Hanratty
Directed by: Lizzy Sulkowski

Is what we do for a living the true definition of who we are? In the comedy Extra-Curricular Activities, a young hotshot lawyer is confronted by two co-workers about her scandalous after work activities, but they too must deal with their own unconventional aspirations.

How To Make A Mobile
Written by: Randy Wyatt
Directed by: Steve Taber

Lila discovers that she may not know everything about her daughter Colleen – or about Alexander Calder.

A Very Lovely DressWritten by: D. Richard Tucker
Directed by: Becky Smith

Sarah goes for a dress fitting in preparation for the most important day of her life… but not exactly what we were expecting.

Written by: Todd Michael Lewis
Directed by: Kyle Amanda Dutkiewicz

For artist Jeremy Filburn, separating the art from the artist becomes increasingly challenging when a woman comes back into his life.

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Do You Tweet? Actors’ Theatre Now on Twitter

Check out Actors’ Theatre, now on Twitter!

Follow along and get the latest scoop on what’s happening at Grand Rapids’ most entertaining, innovative, challenging and thought provoking theatre.

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Audition Notice: Creative Edge Productions

Creative Edge Productions:

We are currently seeking: 1 Male and 1 Female, 20’s – 30’s. Must be a Singer/Actor/Moves Well.

Bring TWO contrasting pieces of contemporary musical theatre material that shows vocal range and acting ability and be prepared to dance. (Accompanist provided.)  Also bring head shot and resume. 

Rehearsals begin first week of June and are flexible.
Performances in Bay View, MI, June 27 – July 10.
Housing is Provided. Paid Position.
Call for appointment: 616-862-3212

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This Thursday – Auditions for Fubble Entertainment’s Webisode Series

fubble entertainment presents:

a webisode series

The Synopsis

Sandy Weis is a single, twenty-something, rather attractive and all around, nice guy. He is a bartender working to make ends meet in Camden, New Jersey. He is also a reluctant informant against a Mexican drug cartel.

Sandy found himself in the wrong place at the wrong time, watching as Lupe “Chilli” Rodriguez shoots king-pin, Jorge “J” De La Garza. In an effort to protect him, the Feds placed Sandy, now “Shamus” in to the Witness Protection Program. He will serve as a janitor for a local community theatre in Grand River, Michigan. In Grand River, he does his best to remain incognito. He finds himself quickly enamored by the colorful theatre people who surround him in his new life. Needing to maintain a low profile becomes more difficult as he finds himself falling for the lovely ingénue. Equally challenging to his chameleon like existence is a gnawing desire to be on stage himself. The drug cartel, knowing he is in a witness protection program, is closing in on their hunt to find him.

The series explores a slew of very talented Guffman type characters and their life in the community theater. Episodes take place in the theatre, at the nearby hangout, (the Cottage Bar), and in the rehearsal space next door (a long since closed, mental institution). While the characters are quirky, what will be evident always, is the enormous talent of the group. We invite you to consider a show that has a dash of Guffman, a bit of Glee and a smidgeon of The Sopranos.



Sandy aka Shamus: Early 20’s Attractive, working-class type.

Mary Jane: Early 20’s. Strikingly beautiful ingénue.

Drake: Early 20’s, Attractive and arrogant. Currently dating Mary Jane.

Hector: Age 30 – 40 Head janitor for the Civic Theater, confidant to Sandy aka Shamus, takes his job very seriously.

FBI Agents: Age 30 – 50

“Third Guy”: Age 20 – 30

Chorus Dancer Boys & Chorus Dancer Girls

Box Office Staff: Age 20 – 30

Latino Drug Cartel: Ages 20 – 50 Lupe Rodriquez, Jorge & Angel

Audition Details:

The auditions are Thursday, April 8th at 6:30pm at Grand Rapids Civic Theater 30 Division Avenue North Grand Rapids, MI 49503-3192. For those that are coming the entrance is on Division. Singers Prepare 16 bars of a ballad and uptempo. Read from sides of scripts. Non singers will just read from sides. Sides are available by emailing Patrick Ziegler at

About Fubble
Fubble Entertainment is a partnership between the Emmy-award winning producing team of Teresa L. Thome and Patrick W. Ziegler.

About Backstage Drama
Backstage Drama is the creative brainchild of Thome and Ziegler. The concept of Backstage Drama is threefold:

  • to produce content that showcases the talent of the West Michigan theatre and production community
  • to create a webisode product to serve as a marketing tool for West Michigan theatres
  • three to five, 7 minute episodes will be produced initially
  • to create a national level quality property with the appeal to serve a national audience

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Actors’ Theatre of Grand Rapids – New Website Launched!

Click around and check us out –  we’ve got a brand new look:

A BIG thank you goes to Jon Clausen of Silo Web Works, LLC for all his hard work and donated time on this project!  (You also know Jon from our recent production of Mr. Marmalade.)

Find us anytime at

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