30 Reasons to Get Your Season Ticket Today

It’s that time again! Last weekend Actors’ Theatre began our Season Ticket drive for our upcoming 30th Season. Here are 30 reasons why you should get your season ticket today:

  1. With all the recent publicity in the news about Actors’ Theatre, there is no better time to show your support for our mission.
  2. Early season ticket sales help us create our marketing materials and promotions for the start of the fall kickoff.  They also keep the excitement in the air and the enthusiasm going strong during these quiet summer months.
  3. Season tickets sales help us communicate the West Michigan community’s support and appreciation for the work that Actors’ does.
  4. In these difficult economic times, grant funding for Michigan arts has been drastically cut.  We need your financial support.
  5. Season subscription holders get free downtown parking.  FREE. DOWNTOWN. PARKING!
  6. The directors for next season, Fred Sebulske, Jeralyn Pinsky, Stephanie Sandberg, Shelly Urbane and Chris Grooms all want you to.
  7. Season ticket holders help us continue our mission of bringing West Michigan the best in entertaining, innovative, challenging and thought-provoking work.  What would the Grand Rapids theatre scene be without Actors’?
  8. Actors’ Theatre regularly brings you West Michigan premieres, like Distracted, which takes a close humorous look at parenting today in a prescription pill society.
  9. Actors’ Theatre provides a wide variety of volunteer opportunities for students.
  10. In addition, we believe in West Michigan – each season we provide jobs to over 55 Michigan artists.
  11. Subscribing to a season is a a bargain!  You can attend 5 performances for the price of 4! You know you want to see all our shows, here’s a perfect way to get a deal on your tickets.
  12. If you love musicals, we are doing a musical this year, the hilarious Reefer Madness!
  13. If you hate musicals, we are only doing one musical this year – and its the campy over the top musical comedy – Reefer Madness!
  14. Season subscribers get to show their VIP status and pick up their tickets at the exclusive “Season Ticket” window and avoid box office ticket lines.
  15. Actors’ Theatre produces high quality, innovative works that due to content or size, are not seen on any other stage in Grand Rapids.  Your subscription will make sure you don’t miss a single one.
  16. We at Actors’ Theatre love our season ticket holders!
  17. Our 30th season includes Opus, an amazing piece about artists collaborating together, as a theatre lover, we know you are going to enjoy it!
  18. If you buy your season ticket now, our wonderful, enthusiastic, cadre of phone volunteers probably won’t call you to ask you to subscribe.
  19. Season ticket holders always have the latest scoop – they are always kept in the loop on the latest information through mail and email notifications.
  20. You get to mix and match your tickets.  A season subscription comes with 5 punches – you can use them however you want!  Take a friend to Lines and two friends to Opus or take 4 friends to all see Sweetest Swing in Baseball.  It is up to you how you use them!
  21. Speaking of friends, every season ticket also comes with a complementary “bring a friend” ticket so you can introduce someone new to Actors’ Theatre.
  22. Actors’ Theatre believes in the inclusion of all.  Show you do too with your support.
  23. Emmy winning Gillian Andersen, (a Grand Rapids native and former performer on Actors’ Theatre stage) appeared in The Sweetest Swing in Baseball in 2004 – now you can see the show for yourself as part of our 30th Season!
  24. We offer other special discounts and offers only to Season Subscribers.  (For example, did you know Season Ticket holders get discounted tickets for Living on the Edge, our annual 10 minute play festival?)  Want to learn more?  Buy your ticket today!
  25. Seven Passages, the Story of Gay Christians which was written through hundreds of interviews with local residents of Grand Rapids, was one of Actors’ Theatre best attended shows.  Now Stephanie Sandberg creates a new ethnographic piece about race and poverty here in West Michigan with Lines, the Lived Experience of Race.  Actors’ Theatre believes in promoting dialogue about ongoing issues in our community.
  26. Every year, Actors’ Theatre involves over 50 volunteer performers from our community.  They too need your support.
  27. Actors’ Theatre is the only community theatre in our area that pays actors for their performances.
  28. Who else would have a season they are calling “Sex, Drugs and Chamber Music?!”?
  29. Season ticket holders get to order their tickets a week before the general public.  You KNOW you want to order you Reefer Madness tickets early!
  30. In all seriousness, Actors’ Theatre needs your support, now more than ever.  We want to share our outstanding 30th season with as many people as possible, but we need your help.  Your season ticket does more than just buy seats, it helps create diversity in Grand Rapids

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