You’re Called Back! Auditions for “Distracted” and “Opus” This Weekend!

Auditions for Distracted by Lisa Loomer and Opus by Michael Hollinger, our 2nd and 3rd productions in the season, will be held this Saturday, September 25th and Sunday, September 26th.

Distracted, a wild ride of role-doubling, off-stage antics, and real-world issues is directed by Fred Sebulske and requires a cast of 8 – including one 9 year-old boy! A separate audition for children auditioning for the role of Jesse will be held from 12PM-2PM on September 25th.

Opus, with its blend of dedicated, if quirky, characters, requires a cast of 5 – 1 woman and 4 men. Actors’ will be required to learn how to “play” the music without actually playing! (A special musical advisor, in combination with videos and special rehearsals, will be there to help.)

For more information visit our audition page at

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