Congratulations to the Cast of “Distracted”!

Actors’ Theatre congratulates and welcomes the cast of Distracted by as they begin rehearsals on Monday!

MOM – Elena Passerello

DAD – Mike Frankey

JESSE – Christopher Hubbard

NATALIE – Lizzy Sulkowski

SHERRY – Janelle Mahlmann

VERA – Julie Kehr

DR. ZVALA and others – Jennifer Jelsema

MRS. HOLLY, DR. WALLER and others – Ellie Gramer

DR. JINKS, DR. KARNES, DR. BRODER and others – Jonathan Clausen

Written by Lisa Loomer
Directed by Fred Sebulske

What’s the matter with nine-year-old Jessie? He won’t sit still, he curses, he raps and no one can seem to get him in (or out of) pajamas. Teachers think it’s A.D.D., Dad says, “He’s just a boy!” Mom is on a quest for answers in this hilarious, provocative and poignant look at the modern family which asks the question: Are we so tuned into our world that we’ve tuned out what really matters?

Production dates: December 2-4, and December 9-11, 2010

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