Revue Magazine writes about “Lines”

Just in case you missed it, here is another article that was posted about our season opening show:

Edye Evans Hyde in a scene from "Lines" at Actors' Theatre through Oct. 9th (photo: Eryn Kovach)

This article on Lines: the Lived Experience of Race was recently in Revue Magazine.  Here’s an excerpt and a photo from the production:

Fault Lines
Written by Mitchell Terpstra
Wednesday, 22 September 2010 21:31

Myth #1: You can live anywhere you please in Grand Rapids.

Myth #2: All Grand Rapids schools are created equal.

Myth #3: The justice system is always just.

Professor, director and playwright Stephanie Sandberg blows a doleful horn with her newest theatre production, Lines: The Lived Experience of Race. Lines reminds us that racial division didn’t die with the Civil Rights Movement of 1964; it didn’t die with the inauguration of our first biracial president; and it’s alive and particularly well-entrenched in the geographical, educational and religious make-up of Grand Rapids.

“The title Lines came from part of an interview, which you’ll hear in the monologue that opens the play,” Sandberg said. “You look around [Grand Rapids] and see very clear divisions — in politics, in neighborhoods, in schooling. The different types of lines structure the play. There are geographical lines, then psychological, then class lines, and even blood lines.” (…read the complete article here, on Revue’s website)

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