Press Release: Actors’ Theatre Presents the West Michigan Premier of “Distracted”

On December 2nd, 2010 Actor’s Theatre Grand Rapids is proud to present the West Michigan premiere of Distracted, an hilarious comedy by Lisa Loomer that explores the roller coaster world of Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD).

Distracted is a poignant and provocative comedy that displays one family on a wild journey into the ADHD spectrum. The play centers around the life of nine-year-old Jesse, who can’t sit still, raps, and hates getting in and out of his pajamas. Jesse’s family encounters teachers, doctors, psychiatrists and neighbors who all give their opinions on how to treat Jesse’s “problem.” On her chaotic ride through homeopathy, medication, biofeedback and more, Mom finds herself caught in a world, moving way too fast, with a son who moves even faster. Watching the lives of these quirky, yet all too familiar, characters unfold, we are forced to ask the question:

“Are we so turned into our world that we’ve tuned out what really matters?”

Fred Sebulske, founder of Actors’ Theatre and the director of the production, has this to say about the west Michigan premiere:

“I love this play. What I love most is that it treats the subject seriously and yet it is full of laughter that comes from the “theatricality” of the play itself. So, a funny, funny play about a serious subject! For me, the best kind of storytelling.”

Distracted, a comedy by Lisa Loomer, will be presented at Spectrum Theatre (160 Fountain Street NE) on December 2, 2010 through December 11, 2010. Performances will be at 8:00PM and will include a post-performance discussion on Friday, December 3 with the audience. Individual tickets sales will begin on November 22nd and are $24 for adults/$20 for students and seniors.

Tickets can be purchased online at or by calling the Spectrum Theater Box Office at (616) 234-3817.

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