Review of “Denali” in the Rapidian

The Rapidian reviewed last month’s workshop performance of Denali written by local playwright Austin Bunn.  This was a special one night event held in the Spectrum Theatre’s black box space.  Here is an excerpt from their review:

Denali: Local playwright’s hot little number in sub-zero setting

“People give you things so you’ll open the door. So they can see inside.”

On Nov. 5, local playwright Austin Bunn gave 50 of us at Spectrum Theater’s black box space the gift of a high-stakes plot and intricately connected characters in the form of Denali. He gave us the gift of seeing inside the struggles of real characters in very human circumstances (albeit with a literally monumental background of Mount McKinley, the highest point in North America), the combination of which epitomizes why we all fell in love with the theater in the first place: to experience a compelling story. ()

Be sure and read the rest of the review here on The Rapidian’s website.

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