Next Month – Designs on Contemporary Theatre Workshop!

Sets, Design, and Costumes for Today’s Theatre

Dress up, dress down or somewhere in between? Do sets and costumes play a vital role in contemporary theatre experience or are they merely decoration? Join experienced designers Jessica Frymire (costumes) and David Miller (scenic design) as they discuss these questions and provide you with practical, hands-on experience on just how the pieces all fit together to make theatre the unique, special, and evolving art form that it is.

This workshop gives participants an opportunity to learn about and experience the practice of contemporary design for the theatre. The session will include a hands-on opportunity for participants to apply their own skills in either areas of set design or costumes. Materials required for the practical application of this workshop will be provided with your $2 materials fee.

Go to the Actors’ Theatre website to learn more and read about the instructors, Dave Miller and Jessica Frymire!

When: January 9, 2011 – 1:30PM
Where: TBA
For: 16 years of age and up
Physical Requirements: Low
Cost: $20
Additional Materials: $2 Materials Fee

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