Don’t forget – The Pipeline Series Starts Tonight!

In keeping with Actors’ Theatre’s commitment to supporting and exploring new work, we are pleased to announce a month-long series of informal script readings. This series of readings will be free and open to the public. A donation of $10 for those attending is encouraged to support the development and production of new works by Actors’ Theatre.

In October of 2010, Actors’ Theatre sent out a nationwide call to playwrights for new works…. Dozens and dozens of original plays rained down on Actors’ Volunteer Literary Manager Randy Wyatt….and now Randy, and Actors’, wants to share some of the best with you.

Actors’ has selected four scripts from playwright submissions from across the nation to be publicly read and discussed with the audience. These scripts will be considered by the Actors’ play selection committee for inclusion in future seasons. We invite the public to come out, hear some exciting new work, and be part of the process of development for these plays and our upcoming season!

February 8th, 7pm

FUGUE by Audra Lord
Location: Spectrum Theatre Mezzanine, 160 Fountain Street

An intriguing puzzle of a play, about memory and identity. It follows a connected group of people who have experienced a shared tragic event and subsequently lost their memories of it, and of each other. As the play wears on, the characters piece together their memories–and identities–together. Is it possible to leave the past behind, or is it better to remember, no matter what the cost?

Learn more about this special event at

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