Reminder – Workshop This Weekend!

Playing With Contemporary TheatrePlaying With Contemporary Theatre

Acting Theory, Styles, and Movement for Today’s Theatre
February 20, 2011 –  at the Grand Rapids Ballet Company

Topics include:

  • Introduction to contemporary acting theory including:
    – Stanislavsky and variations (e.g. – “Method acting”)
    – Michael Checkov technique (e.g. – psychological gesture)
  • Basic movement and vocal techniques including:
    – Laban movement analysis
    – Overview of Linklater and Lessac voice techniques
  • Introduction to combat for the stage

HOSTED BY:February 20, 2011 – 1:30PM
Where: Grand Rapids Ballet Company
For: 16 years on up
Physical Requirements: Medium to High
Cost: $20

For more information and to reserve seats go to:


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