“Reefer Madness” in Rapid Growth Media’s G-Sync

Tommy Allen (AKA G-Sync) previews Reefer Madness! – The Musical in last week’s edition of Rapid Growth Media.

Reefer Madness!: Get A Musical Contact High

In 1936, American propaganda exploitation film Reefer Madness! hit the scene, going on to become not only one of the most important comic revelations of almost every college freshman who had just discovered the wacky weed, but also a bit of a cultural lightening rod as a war on drugs would ensue under its unbalanced weight.

The film main character is really “marijuana,” a drug known for its calming effect that, when mixed with Jazz and hormones, becomes a weaponized substance resulting in a hit and run accident, manslaughter, suicide and other acts of madness.

Over time, Reefer Madness! was re-edited and even re-titled, so it should be no surprise that a musical comedy version would be created in 2005 based on this slim-on-the-facts film.

And what fun for theatre-goers that it has been adapted for the stage, where all sorts of havoc can be created in a uniquely theatrical style.

(…read the rest of the article here, on Rapid Growth Media…)

Want to learn more? Go to the Actors’ Theatre website, or check out our Facebook page for all the latest and to see photos of the cast!

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