Actors’ Theatre Presents: Living on the Edge VIII: Secrets and Lies!

Next week marks the eighth installment of Actors’ Theatre’s annual 10 minute play festival, Living on the Edge. The theme this year that writers were asked to respond to was “Secrets and Lies.”  We are excited this year to present the following fun and adventurous new works, selected for production:

Fly-Over State by Joe Sanders
A family wearies of playing along with the delusions of their traumatized daughter and opens up a new world of fear and uncertainty.
Directed by Krista Price

Spats by Adam Pasen
Jones inadvertently starts a fashion revolution. Suddenly he is a part of the mass media lie machine, at the mercy of those who want to misconstrue his deeds and thoughts to further their own ends. Ultimately, Jones must choose whether to live a lie and enjoy the limelight or shed his beloved fashion accessories and get back to work.
Directed by McKenzie McElroy

The Mesmerist by G.M. Bud Thompson
Performing at a corporate convention, Dio The Mesmerist hypnotizes three subjects and guides them on a journey into imagination and memory…with some very, very unexpected results!
Directed by Jason Marlett

Cupid’s Beau by Barbara Lindsay
A random meeting of two strangers in a coffee house sizzles with sexual possibility and attraction – or does it?
Directed by Elizabeth Sulkowski

Porch Revival by Mark Rigney
Two aging, habit-bound sisters experience their own personal revivals on the morning after attending a disastrous tent revival.
Directed by Jonathan Clausen

Time: Wednesday, July 13 at 8:00pm – July 16 at 8:00pm
Location: Spectrum Theater Black Box (Room 201), 160 Fountain Street, Grand Rapids, MI
Price: Tickets are $10 General Admission (seating is limited so purchase your tickets early)

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