Renegade Festival in Lansing Michigan

Looking for something fun to do this weekend?  Check out the Renegade Festival on August 18-20th in Lansing. The Renegade Theatre Festival will produce close to 30 plays this weekend giving you a chance to check out all kinds of interesting works being performed by local community and professional actors.   Revue has a great article about the festival, which you can read in full on their site.  Here’s an excerpt:

Renegade Festival Promotes Unconventional Theatre

Written by Nicole Rico

() Creator of the event Chad Badgero is also co-director of Renegade along with Melissa Kaplan. He said he started the festival because he felt it’s what the Lansing festival scene was missing.

“I have been involved in Lansing theatre since I was in fifth grade, and have been attending since I could walk, so the theatre is deeply ingrained in me and my connection to Lansing,” Badgero said. “In 2005, I looked around and thought, ‘We have so many amazing festivals in Lansing, why don’t we have a theatre festival?’ So I just decided to start one.”
Renegade Theatre Festival

Kaplan said the festival is all about trying something different and giving locals an opportunity to take risks. Even children get a chance to shine. On Saturday afternoon the Renegade Kids portion of the festival will feature the Mid-Michigan Family Theatre and All-Of-Us Express Children’s Theatre.

“This is a way to give theatre companies and independent producers a chance to experiment,” Kaplan said. “One of the things I love about Renegade is that it is a little rough around the edges. These are not fully produced, polished productions that have a lot of scenery and costumes and that sort of thing, it’s a little rawer.”

(Read the complete article here on the Revue website.)

For more information on performance dates and times, check out the Renegade Festival’s website at

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