Interesting Facts About RUST

Did you know?

Here’s a few interesting things about the folks that help make productions like RUST happen:

Austin Bunn, who is also one of the cast members of RUST, has recently had his short story, “How to Win an Unwinnable War” published in The Atlantic.

Cast member Torrence O’Haire is also West Michigan’s own “The Starving Artist,” a private chef who is appearing all over town at local dining events.

RUST written by Austin Bunn, with Working Group Theatre features original music composed by Jared Wekenman from Paucity and Alex Hamel.  Check out some of Paucity‘s music here:

Spectrum Theatre (the location on the Grand Rapids Community College campus where Actors’ Theatre performs,) is also an ArtPrize venue.  When you come to see RUST, be sure an arrive a little early to take a look!

RUST is sponsored by Wyoming’s own Godwin Plumbing and American Standard.  These companies help make productions like this possible!

Tickets for RUST can be purchased at the Actors’ Theatre website ( or at the Box Office by calling (616)234-3946.  (Box office hours are 1:00PM – 5:00PM)

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