RUST in GRCC’s The Collegiate

“Rust”: An Actors’ World Premiere
By Scott Arkovitz
Collegiate Staff Writer

The world premiere of the play, “Rust” to be performed starting Thursday September 29th at Spectrum Theatre, “explores what happens when automotive plants close.” Says playwright Austin Bunn.

Bunn said the production gives the audience a closer look at “life in a time when the American Dream is a squiggly line. The story follows a young academic researching economic pressures and erosion in families after workers lost their automotive factory jobs in the Michigan area,” Bunn said. “It is a new genre called a documentary play.”

“I like to think of it as presentational theatre. I don’t want the audience to feel so much as I want them to think.” Bunn said. “We even break the fourth wall and speak to the audience.” (…)

Read the rest of the article on The Collegiate’s website at  Get more information at tickets for RUST at

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