The Grand Rapids Press Review for “Next Fall”

The Grand Rapids Press gives Next Fall 3 out of 4 stars!  Check out this excerpt from the article:

‘Next Fall’ by Actors’ Theatre Explores the Differences, Depths of Faith

Next Fall at Spectrum Theatre

Ellie Frances as Holly, left, and Amy Osborn as Arlene, right, perform in "Next Fall" during a final rehearsal Wednesday, Jan. 25, at Spectrum Theatre. (Photo credit: Katie Greene | The Grand Rapids Press)

GRAND RAPIDS — “Next Fall” is the kind of play that makes you think about the characters and their story for a long time after the curtain call.

A full house at Spectrum Theater on Thursday night was moved to tears and laughter, sometimes at the same moment, as six gifted players told the tale of Luke (Dylan Harris) and Adam (Larry Young), a gay couple with striking differences in their world views. Luke is an evangelical Christian and Adam is an agnostic.

The play opens with Luke lying in a coma, the victim of a car accident, with his friends and family converging upon a Jewish hospital in New York. The fact that the hospital is Jewish factors into the conversation about faith, or lack of it. Catholicism, Judaism, evangelicalism and agnosticism all are discussed to varying degrees.

There are no pat answers in a script that raises excellent questions of what it means to believe. What falls away and what rises to the surface as death and loss lurk in a hospital corridor? End-of-life decisions must be made for Luke, and Adam is shut out, not only of the decisions, but Luke’s hospital room as well.

The audience gets to know Adam and Luke through flashbacks of their five-year relationship. We witness the ongoing conversations — and tensions — that arise between the two as they grapple with opposing beliefs about God, heaven, hell, salvation and so much more. (…)

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