Seeing Great Theatre – Even on a Tight Budget

Lots of folks are on a tight budget these days.  Did you know there are ways you can see great theatre here in Grand Rapids for little or no cost?  Check it out, here’s what the insiders know:

Final Dress Rehearsals:  The night before Opening Night is a low cost way to see great theatre.  Most community theaters offer a discount on the night before a show opens.  Tickets to Final Dress at Actors’ Theatre are just $5!  You can head on down to Spectrum Theater and catch the Final Dress of Actors’ production of Ampersand tonight!

Student Discounts: Most theaters, including Actors’, offer discount pricing for students.  If you are in school, make sure to bring your ID when when you come!

Volunteering:  Volunteers are always needed!  See shows from the front as an usher or ticket taker, or catch them behind the scenes as you help out backstage.  For more information about volunteering at Actors’, please see the Volunteer section on our website.


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