Living on the Edge IX: “Evil Things” Next Weekend!

LOTE-IX-PImage-275Each year, for the past nine seasons, Actors’ Theatre Grand Rapids has issued a call for ten-minute play submissions in the fall, five of which are selected for full public performance.  The theme selected for our ninth annual Living on the Edge series is “Evil Things”.  On Saturday, April 28th, 2012, ten semi-finalists were read publicly from this years submissions – which was restricted only to Michigan playwrights.

Actors’ is proud to announce the following five plays have been selected for performance June 6-9, 2012 in the GRCC Spectrum Theater Black Box (Room 201):

  • “Basement Story” by Austin Bunn – When his mother decides to sell his childhood home, a young man returns to help clean out the basement and rediscovers traces of a dark childhood game that never really ended. “Basement Story” is an unsettling exploration of mental illness and loyalty between twin brothers.
  • “The Ground is Heavy” by Andrew Wernette – A soldier in a war zone, a betrayed wife, and a new father all tell their overlapping and life-changing stories.
  • “Chapter and Verse” by Mike Smolinski – In the distant future, archeologists Jack, an expert, and Louise, a recent college grad, are at a dig that is close to uncovering artifacts from the early 21st century.
  • “Price Check” by David MacGregor – A freshly-hired clerk at a dollar store discovers the dark secret behind his new job.
  • “Sweetie” by Kristin Hanratty – It’s man versus man’s best friend when a normally good-natured dog bites a guest at a dinner party; but does the attack show the viciousness of the pet, or reveal something about the victim?

We would like to thank all of the Michigan playwrights who submitted work on this year’s theme.  Tickets are only $10, General Admission with only 50 seats available per performance, and can be purchased by calling the box office during regular business hours or online by clicking the link below.  Join us next weekend for five new 10 minute plays and support Actors’ Theatre and Michigan playwrights in the process!

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