G-SYNC Takes a Look at “Nadia” in Rapid Growth Media

Check out this amazing article about Actors’ first show of the 2012-2013 Season:

Nadia: Debut of Erotic Theatrical Work that Transforms Everything


As I read the script for the stage debut of Nadia, I had to keep stopping to ask myself how they would stage David Turkel’s newest theatrical drama at Actors’ Theatre, the home of the play’s world premiere.

But if I have learned anything over the years when it comes to productions at Actors’ Theatre, it is best to trust that they will deliver a fantastic debut, just as they did last year with Rust by Austin Bunn at the start of their 2011-2012 season.


And while on the topic of breathing, I have no doubt that the audience members will, at times, have to remind themselves to breathe during this erotically charged play that seeks to look at the delicate lines that divides art, pornography and war. It reminds me that artists are sometimes the best catalyst in our society to help us navigate the bumpy terrain of society.

Nadia is the story of a Russian artist by the same name who either has ignited the imaginations of the art world in rapture, or fanned the flames of condemnation from a hypocritical public. Nadia as an artist presents to others on stage her frank and disturbingly rich taboo imagery and the methods she employs to their creation.

There are moments in this new work by Turkel where remembering to breathe are at the subtle center of the story. This is theatre at its very best.

Nadia’s leap from the page to the stage is also a challenge in that the use of a live video feed is woven into the story. It is sure to enthrall those imaginations of all theatergoers as this creative device takes a leading role in a stellar cast made up of veterans and first-time actors.

Actors’ Theatre receives about 150-200 full-length new stage works each year and if they survive the workshop or reading phase (which includes for many a public debut through a reading like those held at UICA this last Spring), we have the opportunity as a community to see groundbreaking new works likeNadia nurtured and produced on Actors’ stage.

Nadia appeared last fall when David (Turkel) gave a copy [of the play] to our literary manager, Randy Wyatt,” says Actor’s Director of Development and Marketing Jonathon Clausen, who is also acting in this work. “It is the kind of play that will appeal to those seeking a contemporary theatrical experience, as well as those who prefer dramatic literature from great American playwrights like Tennessee Williams, Sam Shepard or David Mamet.”

Clausen’s assessment is pretty spot-on, as one having read works by these American playwrights. Nadiaand works like this that seek to engage in the difficult conversations of life illustrate why theatre is not only alive on the stage, but how when we embrace the unknown, it will breathe a freshness into the American theatre wing of our culture.


Tickets and Performance Dates:

Sept. 27 – 29 & Oct. 4-6, all performances start at 8:00

For more information and to reserve your tickets, go to: www.atgr.org

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