Auditions for “A Steady Rain” This Weekend!

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A Steady Rain 

by Keith Huff

Director: Jeralyn Pinsky
Cast: 2 Men

Audition Dates:
 December 1 & 2, 2012 – 2PM-5PM1, Spectrum Theater

Production Dates: January 24 – February 2, 2013

Description: Joey and Denny are childhood best friends who also happen to be partners on their job with the Chicago Police Department.  They lean on each other in other ways as well: Joey helps out with Denny’s family; Denny keeps Joey away from his many vices.  When a routine domestic disturbance call turns in to something much more frightening and tragic, the aftermath sends the two on a harrowing journey where friendship and loyalty are tested, and lives will be forever changed. [Explore A Steady Rain]


DENNY (30’s-40’s): A Chicago cop. Family man. Cheating on his wife with a prostitute. 

JOEY (30’s-40’s): His partner. An addict. Secretly in love with Denny’s wife.


1Auditions begin at the time posted but may end earlier than posted, per the director’s discretion.  We therefore recommend that you arrive as close to the starting time as possible.  If you are unable to attend at this time, please call Chris Carnevale, Director of Operations, at (616) 234-3968.  We may be able to arrange an appointment time to accommodate you.

Audition Format

Unless otherwise noted, all auditions for Actors’ Theatre are conducted in an ‘open call’ format.  Those auditioning should familiarize themselves with the script and come prepared to read selections from the script, alone or with other participants.  Those auditioning for musical productions should also come prepared, along with with sheet music, to sing 16 bars of a song with an accompanist, preferably one in the same musical style as the production itself.  In addition musical auditions, when applicable, will include a dance audition, in which audition participants will be asked to learn and perform a short segment of choreography.

Script Perusal

Scripts will be available for checkout from the Actors’ Theatre Business office beginning 4 weeks prior to the published audition dates.  A $10 deposit is required upon checkout.   Published scripts may also be available for purchase at area book stores.  Scripts may be checked out for a period no longer than 2 business days and must be returned by noon on the Friday before the first audition dates for the production.

Statement of Inclusive Casting

As part of its mission of inclusion and in order to receive benefit from the rich diversity of our community, Actors’ Theatre Grand Rapids is committed to casting all productions without bias towards race, gender, sexual orientation, or religion. Except when necessary to the intent or message of the work, Actors’ Theatre and its artistic staff will cast productions, for all roles, without regard for race and, whenever possible, gender.

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