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Auditions for 10 Minute Play Festival This Jan. 12 & 13

This came from the Stark Turn Players’ Facebook page. Looking for some fun theatre to be involved in? Check this out – auditions are coming up soon!

Synopses and Dramatis Personae for the 10-Minute Plays Auditioning Jan. 12 & 13

Let’s Talk About Sex
By Laura Uzarski Stark Turn Players logoDramatis Personae:

JEREMY: 17, male.  Senior in high school, struggling with manhood, trying to live up to the societal pressure of male sexuality.

JENNA: 17, female.  Senior in high school, curious and explorative about sexuality, strives for perfection and has high dreams about life and sexuality.

MOM: 40s to 50s, female.  Non-descript, caring and hard-working mother.


Jeremy and Jenna are at Jeremy’s house making out while Mom’s out shopping, when they decide that they want to have sex together.  Ham-handed, Jeremy just wants to get into it, but Jenna has been researching media images of sexuality and wants to pick the perfect scenario.  From The Notebook, to The Princess Bride, even to Mr. and Mrs. Smith, they attempt each scenario, only to be interrupted before they come to a decision.

The Ledge
By Karen Sue Bradford

Dramatis Personae:

WOMAN 1: Mid-20’s, Female.  Woman literally on the verge of jumping off a building to her death.  She is wary, anxious and failing to see the bright side of life.

WOMAN 2: Mid-30’s to Mid-40’s, Female.  Settled in her ways, but pleasantly seeing the bright side of life.  A woman comfortable with herself and the ups and downs of life, very self-assured.


One woman is standing on the ledge of a high-rise office building, ready to end it all by leaping to her death.  Another woman enters, treating the jumper with a matter-of-fact attitude and not trying to save her.  Through the course of dialogue, the second woman helps the first see that life is not as miserable as she makes it out to be and they find peace in the high-rise ledge.

Queens of the Dirt Wall
By Andrew Wernette

Dramatis Personae:

MATTIE: HS Junior, Female.  Damaged, resorts to alcohol and cigarettes not to be cool, but to release the tensions of the world.  Hurts a lot inside, but instead just tells the world to fuck off and hides.

JEN: HS Junior, Female.  Tougher than Mattie, makes easy plans in life in order to avoid failure.  Knows her place in society, even at a young age.  Assured, but still caring for others.


Mattie and Jen find evening solace in an undeveloped and forgotten plot of dirt.  Mattie’s sister committed suicide recently, and her parents are holding her to high standards (making her over-achieve to live a life her sister lost.)  Jen’s family is much poorer, and Jen aims to do nothing more than keep her job at Wal-Mart, marry her boyfriend and have kids.  This evening, Mattie has stolen her mother’s car and a liter of vodka and the girls are trying to forget the worries of the world, but they can’t…and they fight, and they try to be there for one another and remind themselves that they are each other’s best friends, through thick and thin.

A Burning Heart
By Patrick M. Bailey

Dramatis Personae:

COLONEL NUSSBAUM: Mid-20s Male, Young and eager to serve his country as a Nazi officer.  A perfect, young Nazi who will use mental torture to make sure his victims feel their punishment deeper.

COLONEL FLEISCHER: Mid-40s to Mid-50s Male.  Has been around the bend, serves his country well enough, but has a heart.  His is more of a duty than a calling.  It is unclear whether he hates the Jews, but he is the type of person who would rather make it easier on the victims in their death.  People kiss his ass severely and he treats them as students in his greater scheme.

SERGEANT KUTZ: Ageless, Sexless.  A filthy, but subservient ass-kissing clerk under Colonel Fleischer’s command.  He only lives to serve, but disgusts everyone.

FRAULEIN GOTTLEIB: Early-20s Female.  Quiet, calm, but eager to do her part in her country.  She understands the gravity of the Nazi agenda, but would rather keep her thoughts to herself than risk treason.


Colonel Fleischer rules over processing at a World War II Nazi Extermination Camp.  His duty is to assign and manage personnel.  Colonel Nussbaum is eager to torture and punish the prisoners in the showers and Fleischer is considering Nussbaum’s assignment.  There is a constant problem of prisoners getting off the train and running away, only to be shot on sight by the Nazi officers.  Fleischer, seeking to end this unnecessary and inflammatory violence, hires Fraulein Gottleib to greet the prisoners as they get off the train.  Through the interview, Fleischer and Gottleib weigh the pros and cons of anti-semitism as the end of the war approaches, and the penalties of war crimes looms on people’s horizons.  Gottleib is allowed this position as a means of completing her duty, but still remaining free from legal harm.  Nussbaum, however, is ordered to complete his duty, but to be locked in the showers with the Jews as well.

The Blue Dress
By Todd M. Lewis

Dramatis Personae:

MAN: 60 to 70, male.  Loving but weary husband of a woman with Alzheimers.

WOMAN: 60 to 70, female.  Woman in mid-stages of Alzheimers.

YOUNG MAN: 20s, male.  The husband in his youth.

YOUNG WOMAN: 20s, female.  The wife in her youth.


A poignant story on how growing old is not always graceful and the difficulties for those who will be left behind as a woman dances on both sides of reality – between her memories of young love and back to her current dementia riddled life.  One brings comfort, the other fear and confusion – and how her husband is left to deal with HIS reality.

The True Story of Creation
By Stephen Douglas Wright

Dramatis Personae:

GOD: Ageless/Older female.  Earth Mother creator of the world.

HOLY SPIRIT: Young female.  Spritely, Waifish spirit.

LUCIFER: 40 to 50, male.  Arrogant fallen angel, temptor of the world.

JESUS: Young male.  Self-assured male, son of god.


A wheeling and dealing Lucifer attempts a re-entry into Heaven by hopefully making God an offer she can’t refuse … with Jesus and the Holy Spirit on the sidelines … and the world waits.

Remember Them
By Mary G. Kron

Dramatis Personae:

SERGEANT: 30 to 50s, male.  Reserved male with a commanding presence.

TECH: 20 to 30s. Vulnerable, but physically-fit female.


A soldier argues with her commanding officer as she struggles with leaving a fallen comrade behind on the battlefield.

Furor Poeticus
By Dan Christmann

Dramatis Personae:

MAN: Young male, 20s.  Professional Type-A.

WOMAN: Young female, 20s. Professional Type-A.


Two thirty-something, type-A, aggressive professionals show how sex can mess up even the best laid plans.

More information can be found here on the Pigeon Creek Shakespeare Company’s website.

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Grand Rapids Cultural Marketing Winning Awards

Culture PassCheck out this great article in Women’s Lifestyle about The Grand Rapids Cultural Marketing Group receiving an award for their arts marketing! Here’s a excerpt from the article:

Grand Rapids Cultural Marketing Group Receives National Award

The Grand Rapids Cultural Marketing Group (CMG), consisting of members from area arts and cultural organizations, has received the Arts Destination Marketing Award 2012 from the Destination Marketing Association International (DMAI) and Americans for the Arts for its role in the Culture Pass GR program. The award was presented to 2012 CMG board president Kerri VanderHoff at the annual National Arts Marketing Project Conference (NAMPC) in Charlotte, North Carolina in November. As a collaborative effort of more than 20 area arts and cultural institutions, the multi-faceted pass was launched by the Culture Marketing Group to innovatively promote awareness, membership, and tourism opportunities.

“The award is an excellent example of how the synergy between destination marketing organizations and arts organizations plays a key role in building awareness in the marketplace by weaving a community’s cultural heritage into the narrative,” said Kerri VanderHoff, CMG 2012 board president and director of marketing at Grand Rapids Art Museum.  “Culture Pass GR has certainly helped establish Grand Rapids as a true arts destination and this national recognition is yet another step in CMG’s efforts to continue growing the program.”

(Click here to go to Women’s LifeStyle to read the rest of the article.)

Want to learn more about The Culture Pass? Check out The Culture Pass gives great discounts on 24 arts and cultural institutions throughout Grand Rapids. Actors’ is one of the many supporting arts organizations that is a part of this great program.  Season Subscribers to Actors’ get a Culture Pass for free. Passes can also be purchased at Schuler Books and Music for $10.

Culture Pass

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