“A Steady Rain” in G-Sync on Rapid Growth Media

Rapid Growth MediaThanks to Rapid Growth Media for taking a look at Actors’ Theatre’s current production, A Steady Rain, by Keith Huff! Here’s an excerpt:

A Steady Rain: Police Thriller Too Close to the Bone

There is no shortage of crime drama programming on TV and our cinema screens, and it is just as plentiful to see crime in real time in our world. But theatre is yet another place where they tear away the fourth wall and allow us to peer voyeuristically into something pretty darn close to reality. And in this arena, intimacy and access create the perfect storm for a crime-based thriller to work its magic within the viewer.

When Keith Huff’s A Steady Rain opens in Grand Rapids , this inspired-by-the-headlines play will have been workshopped in our neighboring city of Chicago and received a star-studded Broadway debut with Hugh Jackman and Daniel Craig before finally landing at Actors’ Theatre of Grand Rapids.

But what makes this production really soar in the eyes of those who enjoy a (pardon my wording) tasty thriller is that this story is exquisitely revealed through the device of only using two actors to propel this heartfelt story of childhood best friends who became partners within the Chicago Police Department. ()

Read more from the article on the Rapid Growth Media website and then hop on over to the Actors’ Theatre website for ticket information! There is just one weekend left – you don’t want to miss this!


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