Opening Night and 2013-14 Season Announcement – TONIGHT

Actor Craig Hammerlind rehearses a scene for the upcoming Actors' Theatre production of "Looking for Normal", which opens May 23, 2013 Photo Credit: Dave Kagan, Sensitography

Actor Craig Hammerlind rehearses a scene for the upcoming Actors’ Theatre production of “Looking for Normal”
Photo Credit: Dave Kagan, Sensitography

It’s Opening Night for Looking For Normal. Do you have your tickets? Orchestra seats are mostly sold out, but there are still a few available at Click over and reserve yours today!

From Fred Sebulske, Director:

“I thought Looking for Normal was a play about being transgendered when I was first given it to read by Actors’.  Since I knew very little about the topic, it interested me.

As I began to dig deeper into the text, it became a play about the broader topic of identity and how gender and gender roles define us and often limit us, putting barriers that close us off from one another.

Now, as the play is about to open, I think the play is about ‘family’ and about how broadly we need to define that concept in order for us all to find our place.”

From Craig Hammerlind,  Roy:

“I was interested in doing this because the subject matter made me uncomfortable. I was fearful of it,” Hammerlind admitted. “So I figured I needed to face my fears. The only problem with doing this part was an internal one. I didn’t get it. So I wanted to understand it.”

The above quote was taken from a great article by Todd Chance on

Opening Night of the last show of the season is special for another reason too:

Tonight we announce the 2013-2014 Season!

Be there and be among the first to know what entertaining, innovative, challenging and thought-provoking theatre we’re bringing to West Michigan!

Also (yes! there’s more!) opening night features a reception by the fantastic West Michigan Caterer!

Opening Night Season Announcement


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