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Auditions for “Venus and Fur”

Venus in Fur by David Ives

VIF Promo ImageDirector: Michelle Urbane
Run Dates: December 12-14, 19-21
Casting 1 Male (Thirties – Forties) and 1 Female – (Twenties – Thirties)
Audition Dates: October 5th and 6th
Rehearsals Begin: October 28 *There will be a few rehearsals for dialect and read-throughs between auditions and official start of rehearsals

 Playwright and director Thomas is desperate to find a female lead for his new adaptation of the classic 19th century sadomasochistic tale, Venus in Furs, when, at the last minute, an actress barges in and requests an audition.   Seemingly utterly wrong for the part, Thomas is intrigued by her strange command of the role and her surprising seductiveness.  Alone together, their audition starts to blur the lines between play and reality.  The tables turn and what was once a game becomes something much more serious…  [Read More About Venus in Fur]

Audition Times

Auditions start at 12 (noon) and will run no longer than 3pm. Those wanting to audition should arrive no later than 1:30 the day of auditions. If you cannot make it to auditions between Noon and 1:30 or are unable to make auditions completely but are still interested in auditioning, please contact Chris at the Actors’ Theatre Office (616 234-3968) to make arrangements to be seen on a different day or at a different time.


Scripts are Available 1 month prior to Auditions and can be checked out with a $10.00 deposit. Contact Chris @ 234-3968 to make arrangements to check out a script (best times are M-F 10am-3pm).
*All Scripts must be returned by and cannot be checked out the week of auditions.

Statement of Inclusive Casting

As part of its mission of inclusion and in order to receive benefit from the rich diversity of our community, Actors’ Theatre Grand Rapids is committed to casting all productions without bias towards race, gender, sexual orientation, or religion. Except when necessary to the intent or message of the work, Actors’ Theatre and its artistic staff will cast productions, for all roles, without regard for race and, whenever possible, gender.

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“Love! Valour! Compassion!” in G-Sync

LVC by Dave Kagan

Benjy Schrim and Joe Worth of “Love! Valour! Compassion!” at Actors’ Theatre Photo credit: Dave Kagan of Sensitography

Check out this wonderful quote from Tommy Allen of Rapid Growth:

LVC is one of those rare theatrical gems where, in the end – even after a thrilling ride of emotions filled with the tripping over of fine lines between laughter and tears (and with little to no warning due again to the fine writing of McNally), upon curtain we would find ourselves almost glad to get back in line to experience it all over again. LVC is a testament to the power of theatre to make us connect as humans and our willingness to show up again and again even when we know pain is often a product of our love.   []

Rapid Growth Media

Read the rest of the article on

Check out more photos from the production on Actors’ Theatre Facebook page.

Reserve your tickets for the final two performances at:!


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“Love! Valour! Compassion!” Sneak Peak Video

There are just three more performances left –
go to to order your tickets today! 

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September 26, 2013 · 7:43 am

Everyone is Talking About “Love! Valour! Compassion!”

Jeffery Williams,left, and Dylan Harris perform as Buzz Hauser and James and John Jeckyll during dress rehearsal of Love! Valour! Compassion! at the Actors' Theater in downtown Grand Rapids on Wednesday, September 18, 2013. (Andrew Kuhn |

Jeffery Williams,left, and Dylan Harris perform as Buzz Hauser and James and John Jeckyll during dress rehearsal of “Love! Valour! Compassion!” at Actors’ Theater in downtown Grand Rapids on Wednesday, September 18, 2013. (Andrew Kuhn |

Our opening weekend of our 33rd season has been wonderful. Audiences love Love! Valour! Compassion!

The talent in this show is explosive and so endearing. I loved every moment, even the sad ones. Thank you and bravo!!!  – Malia H.

We’re also being noticed by the media. Sue Merrell gave Love! Valour! Compassion! three stars in a wonderful review on and Todd Chance listed the production as one of his Top 5 Things to do in Grand Rapids.

From the Director, Jolene Frankey: 

How do we navigate life’s biggest milestones? Do we hold our heads high and bravely march into the face of adversity?  Or do we throw an applause-worthy temper tantrum until our struggle has passed? Over the course of three summer holidays, the eight friends in this piece will turn to each other for love and support (and the occasional emotional outburst). Of course, their playful banter and deep affections are not unique to their story. Each of us can easily recognize a piece of ourselves in the funny and fascinating characters that Terrence McNally has written. Though their specific journeys may come from a different perspective, we all eventually experience the challenges of relationships, aging, sickness, loyalty, and obligation…just probably not with such witty words or fancy lighting. I am honored to present this work to the West Michigan community. May our experience with this production help us all find a little more love, valour, and compassion for each other.

Love! Valour! Compassion! has just three more performances, September 26-28 at 8:00PM at Spectrum Theatre. To reserve your seats, please go to

Love! Valour! Compassion!

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Grand Valley Shakespeare Festival

Much Ado About NothingThe Grand Valley State University Shakespeare Festival starts this week. If you love The Bard, you’ll want to check this out!

From the Grand Valley State University website:

Full of lovers and villains and bumbling heroes, Much Ado About Nothing will give everybody something to cheer about. Our production takes place just as World War I is ending, and soldiers returning home from the reality of war are caught up in the “merry war” of wits between the sexes. The skirmishes in this battle may be more playful, but they may also be more dangerous than anyone expects. Help celebrate the 20th season of the Grand Valley Shakespeare Festival. Let’s make much ado about Much Ado.

The Mainstage festival production always features visiting professional guest artists, regional artists, and Grand Valley students, but this year we are also spotlighting our festival alumni by including several in our productions. Actor’s Equity Union actor Christopher Seiler makes his first appearance on our festival stage playing the malopropial Dogberry. Guest Director and alumna Katherine Mayberry who played Hero in the first festival production of Much Ado About Nothing directs this production. Other guest alumna artists include lighting designer Chris Teller, musical director Scott Lange, choreographer Christian Vigrass, and property mistress Julie Kehr. Additionally, local actor Gary Mitchell will play the role of Leonato. While not an alum, Mitchell appeared previously for the Shakespeare Festival as Polonius in Hamlet.

Festival Dates:

September 27, 28, October 3, 4, 5, at 7:30 p.m.

September 29, October 5 and 6, at 2 p.m

For more information, head over to the Grand Valley Shakespeare Festival website:

Grand Valley Shakespeare Festival

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