“Love! Valour! Compassion!” in G-Sync

LVC by Dave Kagan

Benjy Schrim and Joe Worth of “Love! Valour! Compassion!” at Actors’ Theatre Photo credit: Dave Kagan of Sensitography

Check out this wonderful quote from Tommy Allen of Rapid Growth:

LVC is one of those rare theatrical gems where, in the end – even after a thrilling ride of emotions filled with the tripping over of fine lines between laughter and tears (and with little to no warning due again to the fine writing of McNally), upon curtain we would find ourselves almost glad to get back in line to experience it all over again. LVC is a testament to the power of theatre to make us connect as humans and our willingness to show up again and again even when we know pain is often a product of our love.   []

Rapid Growth Media

Read the rest of the article on www.rapidgrowthmedia.com.

Check out more photos from the production on Actors’ Theatre Facebook page.

Reserve your tickets for the final two performances at: atgr.org!


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