“Dress Your Wives in Floor Length Denim (The Aries Play)” – Nov 1-3

Dress Your Wives in Floor Length Denim Art

From The Dog Story Theater website:

Dress Your Wives in Floor Length Denim is a new play by Christopher vanDer Ark.

Set in a cozy, Wyoming Polygamist Sect- Warren Smith III keeps dominion with his six dainty wives. When one of his wives hatches the idea that – being a polygamist – she should also reserve the right to marry multiple husbands, she recruits the other wives into a household petition to gain the right to mutually marry. Their initial tactic? Refuse their husband sex until he gives in to their demands. His rebuttal, however, is taking on a much younger, bustier, and more willing wife to enrage jealousy and pit the women against themselves. This begins a farcical battle between husband and wives as neither side plans on, nor is willing, to back down their fight.

Featured actors: Catherine Berg, Ruth Ann Molenaar, Brenda Zinger, Mimi Russel

Show times are Nov 1-2 at 7:30 PM and Nov 3 at 5:00 PM

Tickets are $10-general admission / $7-student. For more information and to reserve your tickets go to www.dogstorytheater.com

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