There is a great article on about Venus in Fur! Here’s an excerpt:

Kink or comedy? ‘Venus in Fur’ brings both to stage at Actors’ Theatre

By Todd Chance | 

Ellie Frances and Kyle Los star in the Actors' Theatre production of "Venus in Fur." Photo credit: Dave Kagan

Ellie Frances and Kyle Los star in the Actors’ Theatre production of “Venus in Fur.” Photo credit: Dave Kagan

[Kyle] Los plays Thomas Novachek, an arrogant playwright who cannot find the perfect woman to represent a character in his upcoming play based on “Venus im Pelz,” a novella by Leopold von Sacher-Masoch from whose name the term sadomasochism was based. Then a brass, foul-mouthed actress named Vanda, played by Ellie Frances, shows up to audition and possesses an uncanny ability to inhabit the character.

What happens next is a play within a play as we watch the only two actors in this 90-minute one-act show start to inhabit the characters from the play as they read lines.

While reading those lines, others begin to blur. […]

Be sure and read the rest of the article on Are you planning on seeing the show? Leave a comment at mlive and let us know!

More information on Venus in Fur can be found at, be sure and reserve your tickets today – opening night is December 12th!

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