“God of Carnage” Tickets on Sale Now

God of Carnage Promo ImageGod of Carnage by Yasmina Reza, translation by Christopher Hampton
April 17-26, 2014 
All Shows Begin at 8:00 pm
Call (616) 234-3946 for tickets or purchase them online now!

A playground altercation between their eleven year-old boys brings two couples together in an attempt to resolve the matter.  Initially diplomacy prevails but, as the evening progresses (and  alcohol flows…), the gloves start to come off in Yasmina Reza’s award-winning, comically explosive landslide.

“A study in the tension between civilized surface and savage instinct, this play is itself a satisfyingly primitive entertainment with an intellectual veneer. God of Carnage may be a familiar comic journey from A to B, but it travels first class.”
-The New York Times

“…turns on the idea that adults are no more evolved than kids, that the bourgeoisie, groomed and courteous on the surface, are beastly underneath.”
– London Observer

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