Learn More about Actors’ Managing Director, Debbie Playford

Recently there were several articles about Actors’ Managing Director, Debbie Playford. Want to learn more about our fantastic staff? Check out this article by Jan Hoist on mlive.com.

Debbie Playford of Actors' Theatre

Debbie Playford of Actors’ Theatre

East Grand Rapids woman taking new role in hopes of expanding live theater

EAST GRAND RAPIDS – Debbie Playford, an East Grand Rapids resident, found a love for theater through her two school-age children.

Playford has an extensive business background, including the building of a successful business with her husband of 18 years, Brad Playford, but until last fall had never worked in the theater world.

Today she is the managing director of Actors’ Theatre – a decision made by the board of directors in a move members hope will expand the horizons of live theater.

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We’re thrilled to have Debbie as part of our team. When you see her at the theatre, be sure and say hello!

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