Donate Now Help Circle Theatre Kick Off Their Summer Season

Circle Theatre Circle Theatre is presently requesting donations through indiegogo to kick off their Summer Concert Series. Here’s some information from the site:


This annual Circle Celebrates Kick Off is what puts our summer season into motion. Circle Celebrates is really our annual fundraiser that allows us to bring you extraordinary theatre that you will have a chance to see during the rest of the season. The more we can raise during this concert experience, the better our product will be all season long. We are asking you to help us cover the cost of this concert so we can put all revenue from it into bringing you quality entertainment all season long.

For more information visit:

What We Need & What You Get

The breakdown:

  • We are asking you for $4950 to cover the cost of lighting, sound, projections, musician fees, director fees, and audience hospitality.
  • Depending on your contribution, perks will include: A free ticket to the event, 2014 summer concert tickets, 2014 Main Stage summer flex passes, a Circle Theatre t-shirt, and a backstage tour of the theatre! Please email with your shirt details. See the perks section for more information.

Go over to indiegogo now and donate now! (There is a lot more information on the site about donation perks on the site.)


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