Up Next: Living on the Edge, June 19 – 21

Desperate Moves Photo 2The following five plays, all written by Michigan playwrights, have been selected for performance June 19- 21, 2014 at 8PM in the GRCC Spectrum Theater Black Box (Room 201):

Running Away by G.M. Bud Thompson

Sometimes, when life becomes too much to handle, we think about running away. Sometimes we even try and if we are really lucky, someone tries to stop us. A “role reversal” drama with humor. Inspired by actual events.

Another Man’s Shoes by Brad Sytsma

When Dennis, a middle aged family man in the midst of a midlife crisis, finds himself waking from an unexpected nap on a park bench to a stranger strolling about in his shoes, he doesn’t realize that his world is about to get turned upside down. What do you do when an outrageous thief who doesn’t want to steal anything, and seems to know everything about you, offers you life advice while wearing your shoes?

Skin Deep by Kristin Andrea Hanratty

A woman who thinks that cosmetic surgery is the answer to her problems must decide how far she is willing to go in her quest for youth.

Still Healing by C.T. Mo

A family haunted by the loss of one son, Zak, to a hunting accident, deals with a father’s rejection of his only remaining child, Hank, and a mother’s fight to keep her son close to home.

Not Your Run of the Mill Ten Minute Zombie Play by John Thierwechter

This play looks at the zombie phenomenon from the zombie’s point of view; delving into the idea that there are more than one type of zombie, and that they may not be all that happy to actually be zombies. See the trials and tribulations and the desperate moves it actually takes to be a successful zombie!

LIVING ON THE EDGE XI: DESPERATE MOVES runs June 19-21 8PM in the Spectrum Theater Black Box.

Tickets are $10 general admission and can be purchased On-Line or by calling the Box Office at (616) 234-3946.

Tickets will be sold at the door but seating is limited so get your tickets in advance.

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