Feminine Tragedies on Grecian Themes; or, The Scorpio Play at Dog Story Theater

A New Play by Christopher van Der Ark

Feminine Tragedies on Grecian Themes; or, The Scorpio Play
Performances are July 10-12 at 8:00, July 13 at 5:00 at Dog Story Theater

After Lynette Price discovers her husband’s ongoing infidelity, it only seemed reasonable to employ a witch to curse him with a quick and fatal disease. And to top it off? Throw a dinner party inviting all of her most hated in-laws to ensure they catch the disease and suffer the consequences as well. However, when Lynette gets too caught up in her own schemes and becomes victim to the curse herself, she too must survive the night while avoiding the ghosts of the guests she sent to an early grave.

Feminine Tragedies on Grecian Themes explores the everyday context of revenge in the non-everyday context of the supernatural while challenging the question– is an appetite for vengeance ever satiable?

Featuring: Molly Jones, Jay Harnish, Maddy Mathias, Ruth Ann Molenaar, Kendra Jones, Ryan Edwards, Claire Mahave, Mary Brown and starring Lizzy Sulkowski as “The Scorpio.”

Tickets are $12 General Admission, $8 Students


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