Tonight: Staged Reading Series of New Works – Sept. 19-21

From Dog Story Theater’s website:Cancer-Promo-225x300


Each evening will feature a different play, different genre, different style, BUT, the same actors. Every night they will get to play a completely different role.

Featuring local directors and actors, come and join us for an evening (or two) and hear new work read and presented out loud! September 19, 20, and 21. And each performance will feature one guest actress appearing in only that play. Support local artists and new work!

September 19: 8:00
“Playing House; or, The Cancer Play” (Dark Comedy)
Directed by Walt Riegler

“Moira Barrie’s son died at an early age. Curtis Walter’s mother died of a meth overdose when he was at an early age. So it only seemed natural for the two to begin experimenting. She pretends to be his mother while he pretends to be her son. Everything goes as planned until their game of “Playing House” stops being just a game. When both parties get too absorbed in their role-playing, fiction stops being fictitious, and the thread between past and present slowly begins to snap.”

September 20: 8:00
“Relinquished” (Thriller/Horror)
Directed by Christopher van Der Ark

“1939. Joan Black keeps a comfortable boarding house in southern Chicago strictly for ladies with theological aspirations. However, the comfort of her keep is disturbed when a sinister book is brought into the home and the girl that brought it begins acting strangely. It isn’t long before it’s revealed that a darker force has taken possession over her body- A demon calling himself Relinquished. Jumping from woman to woman, he begins his psychological torture while the women must decide: Get rid of the demon? Or give into his demands.”

September 21: 5:00
“Bitches Ride First Class” (Bedroom Farce)
Directed by Ruth Ann Molenaar
“1912. Helen Bishop has always been prideful of her taste in men- handsome, svelte, and rich. And those were exactly the qualities she admired in Dick! Returning from their extended honeymoon in Europe, it was only expected that the Bishops would travel in style- and so they boarded the RMS Titanic. However, when Dick confesses to his new bride that they’ve completely run out of money, they must now discreetly panhandle fellow first class passengers to even afford the train ticket back to Dowagiac, Michigan. Luckily they’re only a few rooms down from Jacob Astor, the richest man on board. Mistaken identity, slamming doors, and utterly polite seduction. The sinking of the ship is only half their problem.”Featuring actors- Lizzy Sulkowski, Brenda Zinger VanderArk, Walt Riegler, Christopher vanDer Ark, Jess Luiz Barton, Mary Brown, Catie Berg, and others!

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