Love! Valour! Compassion! by Terrence McNally

LVC Promo ImageDirector: Jolene Frankey
Run Dates: September 19-21, 26-28
Casting 7 Men – Early Twenties – Late Forties
Audition Dates: August 3rd & 4th (possible Callbacks on the 5th)
Rehearsals Begin: August 6th

 In Duchess County, New York eight friends gather over the course of three summer weekends in a house belonging to aging Broadway choreographer Gregory and his younger partner Bobby, who is blind. The guests gather, some possibly for the last time, as friendship, love, life and death take center stage in the award-winning contemporary classic. [Read More] 

Venus in Fur by David Ives

VIF Promo ImageDirector: Michelle Urbane
Run Dates: December 12-14, 19-21
Casting 1 Male (Thirties – Forties) and 1 Female – (Twenties – Thirties)
Audition Dates: October 5th and 6th
Rehearsals Begin: October 28 *There will be a few rehearsals for dialect and read-throughs between auditions and official start of rehearsals

 Playwright and director Thomas is desperate to find a female lead for his new adaptation of the classic 19th century sadomasochistic tale, Venus in Furs, when, at the last minute, an actress barges in and requests an audition.   Seemingly utterly wrong for the part, Thomas is intrigued by her strange command of the role and her surprising seductiveness.  Alone together, their audition starts to blur the lines between play and reality.  The tables turn and what was once a game becomes something much more serious…  [Read More]

Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson, the Musical

BBAJ Promo ImageDirector: Kyle Dutkiewicz / Music Direction: Scott Patrick Bell
Run Dates: February 6-8, 13-15, 20-22
Casting 8-9 Males (Late Teens – Late Thirties), 3-4 Females (Early Twenties – Mid Fifties)
Audition Dates: December 7th & 8th (possible Callbacks on the 9th)
Rehearsals Begin: December 10 * There will be a break while the campus is closed between December 23 – January 3. ** This is also tech weekend for Venus In Fur.

 Meet Andrew Jackson: our seventh President and our first political maverick.  He kicked British butt, shafted the Indians and put a hurt on the Spaniards all in the name of these United States – who cares if he didn’t have permission? Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson begs the question: is wanting to have a beer with someone reason enough to elect him?  What if he’s hot?  Reallyhot?   [Read More]

God of Carnage by Yasmina Reza

GOC Promo ImageDirector: Tom Kaechele
Run Dates: April 17-19, 24-26
Casting: 2 Men and 2 Women (Thirties- Forties)
Audition Dates: January 25th & 26th
Rehearsals Begin: *Start Date of rehearsals will be determined after casting.

 A playground altercation between their eleven year-old boys brings two couples together in an attempt to resolve the matter.  Initially diplomacy prevails but, as the evening progresses (and  alcohol flows…), the gloves start to come off in Yasmina Reza’s award-winning, comically explosive landslide.  [Read More]

Grey Gardens, The Musical book by Doug Wright, music by Scott Frankel and lyrics by Michael Korie

GG Promo ImageDirector: Fred Sebulske / Music Direction: Michael Shansky
Run Dates: June 5-7, 12-14
Casting: 4 Men (1 Male -Sixties, 1 African American Male – Thirties, 2 Males –Twenties – Early Forties) 3 Females (1 female – Twenties, 1 female – Forties, 1 Female Sixties) 2 Girls (10 – 14 years old)
Audition Dates: April 19 & 20 (possible callbacks on the 21st)
Rehearsals Begin: April 22nd

 Equally hilarious and heartbreaking, Grey Gardens is a musical based on the cult classic documentary of the same name, which explores the true story of Big Edie and Little Edie Bouvier Beale – aunt and cousin of Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis. From glamorous beginnings to a penniless, co-dependent existence, Grey Gardens paints an intimate and not unsympathetic portrait of two of the 20th century’s most notorious recluses. [Read More]

Audition Times

Auditions start at 12 (noon) and will run no longer than 3pm. Those wanting to audition should arrive no later than 1:30 the day of auditions. If you cannot make it to auditions between Noon and 1:30 or are unable to make auditions completely but are still interested in auditioning, please contact Chris at the Actors’ Theatre Office (616 234-3968) to make arrangements to be seen on a different day or at a different time.


Scripts are Available 1 month prior to Auditions and can be checked out with a $10.00 deposit. Contact Chris at 234-3968 to make arrangements to check out a script (best times are M-F 10am-3pm).
*All Scripts must be returned by and cannot be checked out the week of auditions.

Statement of Inclusive Casting

As part of its mission of inclusion and in order to receive benefit from the rich diversity of our community, Actors’ Theatre Grand Rapids is committed to casting all productions without bias towards race, gender, sexual orientation, or religion. Except when necessary to the intent or message of the work, Actors’ Theatre and its artistic staff will cast productions, for all roles, without regard for race and, whenever possible, gender.

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