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Actors’ at ArtPrize Presents: “Four Stories”

4 storiesActors’ Theatre in conjunction with a group of artists based out of Actors’ Theatre, in collaboration with the UICA, has an interactive performance piece in ArtPrize this year!

This group of artists are creating a full theatrical piece of theater during ArtPrize with the interaction, collaboration and inclusion of the community and the other pieces displayed in the UICA.

The “team” of artists are all professionals in the field in multiple ways and have all worked with Actors’ Theatre which is what has brought them together for this particular piece.

The Four Stories team includes:

Jolene Frankey: Director/Actor

Ellie Frances: Producer/Actor

Nadira Kharmai: Media/Advertisingmain_logo

Tracey Walker: Properties/Actor

Christian Poquette: Set Designer/Tech Director

Bill Dunkel: Collaborator/Costume Designer

Scott Bell: Music Composition/Actorartprize logo
Todd Lewis: Writer/Actor

Christopher VanderArk: Writer/Actor

Molly Jones: Collaborator/Actor

Jared Douglas: Collaborator/Actor

“Four Stories” is a show that is following 4 different storylines that will eventually be performed on all four stories of the UICA at different times. These stories are unique in that they stand alone and also interact with each other.

As part of ArtPrize, the “team” is writing this show and creating all the elements to support the show during ArtPrize with voters input and ideas, giving the people a look behind the scenes on what all goes into this form of art and also giving them some ownership of the show as it evolves. Everything from script, to costumes, set, music and acting/directing will be on display as part of the art-piece and the voters will get a taste of it all.

The logistics of the show will go as follows:

For the first part of ArtPrize the “team” will be in the space (mostly the Pottery Studio) writing, fitting costumes, building a set and rehearsing with the input of the audience both present and on social media.

The last part of ArtPrize (Oct 2,3 & 4) the “team” is hoping to have a complete show to then perform for the last weekend. This way the audience can see what they helped create.

We will have a more solid “Performance” schedule to you soon. Stay tuned for more details!

You can stay updated by liking the Four Stories Facebook page as well!

Come on down to the UICA (corner of Division and Fulton) during ArtPrize and vote for Four Stories – vote code 56418!

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Calling All Musical Performers for ArtPrize 2011

If you don’t know yet, a new Exhibition Center was added to ArtPrize 2011 dedicated to music and performance. St. Cecilia’s Music Center is planning an outdoor stage and listening stations to accompany their magnificent auditorium.

Here’s the information from the ArtPrize website:

St. Cecilia Music Center is an exhibition center for music performance and musically-themed visual artwork. Musicians must submit a recording of an original composition written within the last three years. Both local and international musicians, all genres and various ensemble sizes will be considered (ie: bands, solo, orchestra.) Musicians will be expected to perform live during the first week of ArtPrize in either an outdoor (preferred) or indoor space, the time will be determined by SCMC. Selected musical pieces will be featured at listening stations during the entire duration of ArtPrize in the SCMC library.

To learn more, go to the ArtPrize 2011 website.

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Registration Dates for Artprize 2011

Actors’ Theatre supports diversity, especially in the arts.  We are fortunate to be part of a vibrant community full of opportunities to take part in contributing to Grand Rapids’ art.

Are you an artist looking to be a part of 2011 ArtPrize?  Here’s some information you need to know:

Tyler Lecceadone


Officials of ArtPrize, a radically open art competition giving away the world’s largest art prize, has announced 2011 registration dates for venues and artists, and special dates for submitting art to be installed in the Grand River. ArtPrize 2011 will run from Sept. 21 through Oct. 9.

“The artist and venue registration process was developed during the last two years based on feedback provided from artists, venues, city hall and ArtPrize visitors,” said Rick DeVos, ArtPrize founder.


Key dates for ArtPrize 2011 include:
Venue Registration
Open: Monday, March 14, 2011
Close: Thursday April 14 (5 p.m. EDT)

Artist Registration
Open: Monday, April 18
Close: Thursday, June 16 (5 p.m. EDT)

Artist/Venue Matching
Open: Tuesday, May 31
Close: Thursday, June 30 (5 p.m. EDT)

“A lot of the most memorable work in the event is created for a specific space,” said ArtPrize Executive Director Bill Holsinger-Robinson. “Artists will know all the venues available as they register.” Holsinger-Robinson cautions artists, “The vast majority of artists who did not secure a venue in 2010 were the ones who signed up at the last minute. Register early.”  ()

For more information,  go to the ArtPrize website.

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An Original Art Work for an Original Work of Theatre

If Lines Could Speak by Abigail BradleyYou may have noticed the art work used on the poster is as unique as the production itself. If Lines Could Speak, by Abigail Bradley, is an original work using oil paint and photographic transfer on canvas. It was created exclusively for the production. The artist has this to say about the original work:

Over the years, promoting diversity and positive relationships within our community has become an important value for me. I was inspired by the ideas within Stephanie Sandberg and Company’s ethnography, Lines, to create an original painting, If Lines Could Speak.

This work is an abstracted map of the Greater Grand Rapids area and was made with oil and photographic transfer on canvas. The voices of diversity are represented by the various blocks of color. The red lines are streets that can divide, but can also represent passion and the ability to connect to one another if we so choose.

About the Artist

Abigail Bradley is painter from Grand Rapids, Michigan. Originally from Korea, she was brought to West Michigan at the age of three and raised by her adopted family. She began art studies at Grand Rapids Community College and continued to Kendall College of Art and Design where she received a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Painting. Her work has shown in Huntington Bank during ArtPrize 2009, Cascade Gallery, the VanSingel Fine Arts Center, and Festival of the Arts. Her work may also be seen on display at DeVos Hall for ArtPrize 2010 and The Forest Hills Fine Arts Center – where she is the current Artist-in-Residence.

The original art work, If Lines Could Speak, is on display in the Spectrum Theater Lobby through the run of the performance. See it when you attend Lines: The Lived Experience of Race!

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Get a Sneak Peek at “Lines” During ArtPrize – Tonight Only!

ArtPrize is open and things are happening in downtown Grand Rapids! This year, ArtPrize is conducting special events to celebrate the neighborhoods of Grand Rapids. If you have the time and the inclination this evening, stop down to the Hillside Event on Gay Street between Fulton and Washington and catch a sneak preview of Lines: The Lived Experience of Race!

What: ArtPrize Hillside Neighborhood Party
When: 5 – 7pm
Where: Gay Ave, between Washington and Fulton, Grand Rapids, MI

This neighborhood street party will spotlight the talent of Grand Rapids’ theatre district for a beer-tasting happy hour with some of Michigan’s best-loved brews. See past and upcoming theatre highlights from community and college theatres, and original pieces written locally.

FREE event – and a keepsake item for the first 500 guests! Brought to you by Founders Brewing Company.

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