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Opening Tonight! “The Last Laugh” at Jewish Theatre

Actors’ Theatre wishes Jewish Theatre Grand Rapids a great opening night!

Written by Michael Hardstark and Directed by Teri Kuhlman and stage managed by Terri Foley. The Last Laugh will be playing in the Black Box Theatre, upstairs at Spectrum Theatre, November 7, 8, 10, 14, 15 & 17 at 8:00 PM and November 11 & 18 at 3:00 PM

The show stars Mike Smolinski, Steven J. Anderson, Rebekah Hughes, Danny Orris and Len Rowe.

The Last Laugh is a combination of two one-act plays. The first, In the Cemetery, is a comic drama based on Anton Chekhov’s play of the same name. Set in a Jewish cemetery, this poignant, funny play is about a harried young businessman who has hired a rabbi to say prayers over his father’s grave.

“The combination of silly comedy and deep pathos is quite astonishing.” — N.Y. Daily News

The second one-act is called The Cure, also based on an Anton Chekhov play, A Cure for Drinking. Set in a theatre dressing room at the turn-of-the-century, this frenetic farce is about the efforts of a troupe of Yiddish actors to sober up their lead actor, a great star and a hopeless drunk.

“Delightfully frenetic.” — N.Y. Times; “Extremely Funny.” — N.Y. Daily News

Call the Box Office, 616-234-3946 or visit our website, www.jtgr.org for tickets.

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Auditions for Jewish Theatre Grand Rapids: Sept. 23 & 24

The Last Laugh

The Last Laugh LogoWritten by Michael Hardstark
Directed by: 
Teri Kuhlman
Show Dates: November 7, 8, 10, 11, 14, 15, 17, 18, 2012

Audition Dates: At Spectrum Theatre on Sunday, September 23, 2012 at 2:00 p.m. and Monday, September 24, 2012 at 7:00 p.m.
Casting: 1 woman any age; 1 older man; 1 man in 20’s; 2 men any age.

For more information, check out the Jewish Theatre Grand Rapids website.

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“Yentl” at Jewish Theatre Grand Rapids Opens Tomorrow Night

Adapted for the stage by Leah Napolin and Isaac Bashevis Singer

Directed by: Barbara Wepman

Show Dates: April 19, 21, 22, 26, 28, 29, 2012
Thursday and Saturday evenings at 8:00 PM, Sunday afternoons at 3:00.

Tickets can be ordered by calling the Spectrum Theater Box Office at 234-3946, Monday – Friday 1:00 PM – 5:00 PM or visit  at their website.

For more information go to www.jtgr.org or find Jewish Theatre Grand Rapids on Facebook.

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My Name Is Asher Lev – Opens November 9th

From the Jewish Theatre Grand Rapids website:

My Name is Asher Lev
Asher Lev LogoAdapted by Aaron Posner
Based on the book by Chaim Potok
Directed by:
Jason Marlett
Show Dates: November 9, 10, 12, 13, 16, 17, 19 and  20th, 2011

How do you stay true to yourself when you’re split in two? This question is explored in Aaron Posner’s adaptation of Chaim Potok’s beloved novel. Asher Lev is a young Hasidic Jew in New York with an astonishing talent for art and a deep connection to his religious faith and family. His two conflicting loyalties come to a head in this poignant coming of age story when young Asher is forced to make a difficult decision between family and vocation, and between his love for God and his desperate need to make art. Asher’s father asks what he is trying to accomplish with his paintings, while his mother asks why he doesn’t depict prettier, happier things. Swirling around the heart of “My Name is Asher Lev” are questions about the meaning and necessity of art that will strike close to home for any artist today. Because of the smaller seating capacity of Spectrum’s Black Box Theater two extra Wednesday performances of this show have been added to the run.

The cast includes: Owen McIntee, Rachel Van Dyke, Mike Smolinski and Bill Hoffinger

Go to www.jtgr.org for more information.

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“45 Seconds From Broadway” From JTGR – Opening Tonight!

Written by Neil Simon
Directed by:
Len Robinson
Show Dates:
June 16, 18, 19 and 23, 25, 26
Location: GRCC Spectrum Theater 160 Fountain St. NE

Neil Simon’s 45 Seconds from Broadway refers to the amount of time it takes to walk to Broadway from the play’s setting, a coffee shop. Inspired by the Edison Hotel coffee shop, also known as the Polish Tea Room, it is a favorite watering hole for struggling actors, aspiring writers, standup comics, and suburban matinee ladies. The central character, comedian Mickey Fox, is surrounded by a host of eclectic characters including the proprietor and his wife, an upscale society dame and her nearly mute husband, a British impresario, a Broadway ingénue, and a South African playwright. Simon’s typical one-liners fly fast and furiously throughout the first act, but the play takes a more serious turn when Mickey’s older brother pleads with him to help his son become the comedian he desperately wants to be.

For tickets and more information, go to the Jewish Theatre Grand Rapids website at www.jtgr.org or call their box office at 616/234-3946.

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