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“Lines: The Lived Experience of Race” Screening

In recognition of the YWCA’s ‘Stand Against Racism Day,’ you are invited to Celebration Cinemas for a filmed version of the stage presentation Lines: The Lived Experience of Race, a new ethnography by Stephanie Sandberg & Company.

If Lines Could Speak by Abigail BradleyYour thoughts & feedback will be solicited for further use of this material. A facilitated discussion will follow the viewing of the film. Lines brings you the words of over 150 individuals, as they discuss dimensions of diversity in Grand Rapids… today.

This FREE event will be held on two days, at two different Celebration! Cinema locations. Go to http://www.celebrationcinema.com/lines to reserve your seats today!

For more information about Stand Against Racism please visit standagainstracism.org.

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Article on “Lines” in G-Sync by Rapid Growth Media

Lifestyle editor for Rapid Growth Media, Tommy Allen, took note of the powerful original work Lines which did not go unnoticed in the hubbub of ArtPrize.  Here’s an excerpt from the article:

Lines: The Lived Experience of Race – We Need To Talk, West Michigan

Almost completely overlooked this past weekend during the ArtPrize hustle downtown was the tiny sign at the Spectrum Theatre, home to Grand Rapids’ Actors’ Theatre, that simply read “Sold Out.”

The reason was the debut of the new ethnographic drama by Stephanie Sandberg and Company, “Lines: The Lived Experience of Race,” which gives voice to the dimensions of diversity in West Michigan today.

The drama, culled from over 150 interviews from West Michigan individuals, is brought to life utilizing the development process of Sandberg employed in her 2007 original work, “Seven Passages: The Stories of Gay Christians.”

Different this time from the last is the author did not have to go before the Board of Trustees at Calvin College where Sandberg is an Associate Professor of Theatre… (Be Sure and read the rest of the article on the Rapid Growth website.)

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Revue Magazine writes about “Lines”

Just in case you missed it, here is another article that was posted about our season opening show:

Edye Evans Hyde in a scene from "Lines" at Actors' Theatre through Oct. 9th (photo: Eryn Kovach)

This article on Lines: the Lived Experience of Race was recently in Revue Magazine.  Here’s an excerpt and a photo from the production:

Fault Lines
Written by Mitchell Terpstra
Wednesday, 22 September 2010 21:31

Myth #1: You can live anywhere you please in Grand Rapids.

Myth #2: All Grand Rapids schools are created equal.

Myth #3: The justice system is always just.

Professor, director and playwright Stephanie Sandberg blows a doleful horn with her newest theatre production, Lines: The Lived Experience of Race. Lines reminds us that racial division didn’t die with the Civil Rights Movement of 1964; it didn’t die with the inauguration of our first biracial president; and it’s alive and particularly well-entrenched in the geographical, educational and religious make-up of Grand Rapids.

“The title Lines came from part of an interview, which you’ll hear in the monologue that opens the play,” Sandberg said. “You look around [Grand Rapids] and see very clear divisions — in politics, in neighborhoods, in schooling. The different types of lines structure the play. There are geographical lines, then psychological, then class lines, and even blood lines.” (…read the complete article here, on Revue’s website)

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Actors’ Theatre in the News with “Lines”

As you may have heard, Lines: The Lived Experience of Race, was a huge success!  We want to thank everyone who came out to support this new and innovative work.

Be sure and check out this article about Actors’ Theatre’s first production of the season in The Rapidian!


The cast reenacts an Institute for Healing Racism simulation that illustrates dividing lines between races. Photo Credit: Lindsay McHolme


World premiere of Lines: The Lived Experience of Race

by Lindsay McHolme (lindsmcholme) on Thursday Sep 30th, 2010 in LOCAL LIFE

“The American Dream is not for everyone,” chanted cast members at the Wednesday night dry run of Lines: The Lived Experience of Race.

“This is not a country that people can pull themselves up by their bootstraps,” the cast continued.

Over the past two years, Stephanie Sandberg and Company conducted 162 interviews focused on racism with Grand Rapids community members like Mayor George Heartwell, activist Jeff Smith known for his work with the Grand Rapids Institute for Information Democracy, entrepreneur Tami VandenBerg who co-owns The Meanwhile, and Dr. Randal Jelks, a former history professor at Calvin College.  Their goal was to come up with a model for the type of community they wanted to create and to get to the root of the lines of racism drawn in Grand Rapids.

“It was a personal challenge for me too,” Sandberg admitted.  “I realized I had a lot of bias and privilege, and I needed to confront that.”

Cast member, Michael Travis, whose family has suffered racism in silence, felt that the entire process of interviewing and acting out others’ words has been cathartic.

The multi-racial cast consists of director & devising team leader, Stephanie Sandberg; ensemble members, Rena Dam, David Ellens, Edye Evans Hyde, Julianne Howe-Bowens, Jean Reed-Bahle, Lewis Richards, Calin Skidmore, Lorna Torres, Michael Travis; and original percussion composer, Hugo Claudin.

As the lights dimmed, the slanted stage glowed with projections of criss-crossed lines, city boundaries, and quotations. The backdrop flashed astounding statistics like: “Grand Rapids ranks 44 out of 331 metro areas for racial segregation.” (…click here to read the rest of the article on The Rapidian website.)

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Extra Performance Added for “Lines: The Lived Experience of Race!”

In case you haven’t heard – Lines has been having Sold Out houses!

After an incredible turnout and outstanding reviews for the world premiere of Lines: The Lived Experience of Race, Actors’ Theatre has added an additional performance! The  additional matinee performance is scheduled for 2PM on Saturday, October 9th to ensure that everyone can see this powerful, poignant, and engaging original ethnographic drama.

Don’t miss your opportunity to experience this must-see theatrical event of the season, based on over 150 interviews of people from our Grand Rapids community! Here’s what others are saying about the production:

Michael Travis and other members of the ensemble in a scene from "Lines: The Lived Experience of Race" (photo: Eryn Kovach)

A fresh, intensely disarming discussion of racial problems in Grand Rapids, with comments from names you’ll recognize, maps of places you know and pictures of sites you’ve been. It’s guaranteed to spark conversation…
Grand Rapids Press

Lines reminds us that racial division didn’t die with the Civil Rights Movement of 1964; it didn’t die with the inauguration of our first biracial president…
REVUE Magazine

The performance is more than just numbers, it’s passion…
The Rapidian

Click the button below to purchase your tickets online or call the Box Office at (616) 234-3946.

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