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“Ampersand” on G-Sync at Rapid Growth Media

Tommy Allen of G-Sync at Rapid Growth Media has a few things to say (and not to say) about Ampersand opening this Thursday!

Ampersand: New Play (Just Don’t Call It A W#@*d P^#)%*e)

When Vincent Delaney has been asked in the past if he is a political playwright, he has in the most casual fashion been most direct like his writing to answer “yes,” quickly adding, “but only to the extent that the politics become personal. My other plays are drawn from family history (including my own), or from wonderfully bizarre tidbits in the news.”

His ability to be as fluid, as we are in life with the constant bombarding of news and stimuli that is shaping to be uniquely modern, is one reason why so many connect with his work.


Read the rest of the article at www.rapidgrowthmedia.  For more information about Ampersand, please visit the Actors’ Theatre website at www.atgr.org.

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RUST: A G-Sync Featured Must See Event

Check out this article about RUST on Rapid Growth Media! RUST opens Sept. 29 and runs through Oct. 9th.

Rust: What Was and What Will Be Is To Be Seen

Each week in Rapid Growth, we often feature what is shiny and new. But in the bright light of these discoveries, some things local can get lost in its shadow. The next two weeks, we should be having a conversation about Rust and what to do about it.

Grand Valley State University’s professor Austin Bunn has always had a knack for sharing provocative stories of his life. But when he launches his first full-length play, Rust, about the decline of our local automotive industry and the decentralization of a work force that feels more migratory than skilled, much deeper themes begin to emerge in a theatrical style distinctly his own.

When one looks at current trends in theatre, Bunn’s style would be easy to write off as just another Laramie Project by Moisés Kaufman and members of the Tectonic Theater Project, or Actor’s Theatre’s 2011 production of “Lines,” but Bunn’s play casts off such trappings.

The result is now an impressive mix of genres where pure documentary merges effortlessly into solo monologues with tender moments never maudlin and a fitting touch of tragedy & transition complete with a Greek chorus. “It’s like Michigan that way: it had to come up with a new vision for itself,” says Bunn. “The people and state in this play become something it never could have imagined.”

(read the rest of the article on www.rapidgrowthmedia.com)

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“Reefer Madness” in Rapid Growth Media’s G-Sync

Tommy Allen (AKA G-Sync) previews Reefer Madness! – The Musical in last week’s edition of Rapid Growth Media.

Reefer Madness!: Get A Musical Contact High

In 1936, American propaganda exploitation film Reefer Madness! hit the scene, going on to become not only one of the most important comic revelations of almost every college freshman who had just discovered the wacky weed, but also a bit of a cultural lightening rod as a war on drugs would ensue under its unbalanced weight.

The film main character is really “marijuana,” a drug known for its calming effect that, when mixed with Jazz and hormones, becomes a weaponized substance resulting in a hit and run accident, manslaughter, suicide and other acts of madness.

Over time, Reefer Madness! was re-edited and even re-titled, so it should be no surprise that a musical comedy version would be created in 2005 based on this slim-on-the-facts film.

And what fun for theatre-goers that it has been adapted for the stage, where all sorts of havoc can be created in a uniquely theatrical style.

(…read the rest of the article here, on Rapid Growth Media…)

Want to learn more? Go to the Actors’ Theatre website, or check out our Facebook page for all the latest and to see photos of the cast!

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Article on “Lines” in G-Sync by Rapid Growth Media

Lifestyle editor for Rapid Growth Media, Tommy Allen, took note of the powerful original work Lines which did not go unnoticed in the hubbub of ArtPrize.  Here’s an excerpt from the article:

Lines: The Lived Experience of Race – We Need To Talk, West Michigan

Almost completely overlooked this past weekend during the ArtPrize hustle downtown was the tiny sign at the Spectrum Theatre, home to Grand Rapids’ Actors’ Theatre, that simply read “Sold Out.”

The reason was the debut of the new ethnographic drama by Stephanie Sandberg and Company, “Lines: The Lived Experience of Race,” which gives voice to the dimensions of diversity in West Michigan today.

The drama, culled from over 150 interviews from West Michigan individuals, is brought to life utilizing the development process of Sandberg employed in her 2007 original work, “Seven Passages: The Stories of Gay Christians.”

Different this time from the last is the author did not have to go before the Board of Trustees at Calvin College where Sandberg is an Associate Professor of Theatre… (Be Sure and read the rest of the article on the Rapid Growth website.)

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