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Cast Announcement – “Reefer Madness! – the Musical”

Congratulations to the cast of Reefer Madness! – the Musical!  Appearing in Actors’ final production of the season, opening late May are:

Jack/Jesus – Stephen Grey
Jimmy – Justin Kilduff
Lecturer – Kyle Los
Mae – Sarah LaCroix
Mary – Molly Jones
Ralph – Jordon Hudson
Sally – Sarah LaJoye Milbratz
Placard Girl/Ensemble – Alicia Clark

Darion Murchison
Kristopher Bottrall
Christopher Michael
Kallie Pershon
Andrea Flemming
Aubry Talbott
Merrill Webber

Reefer Madness – The Musical
Directed by: Chris Grooms
Book by: Kevin Murphy, Dan Studney | Music by: Dan Studney | Lyrics by: Kevin Murphy
Production Dates: May 26-28 & June 2-4, 2011

More about the show:
It’s 1936 and Jimmy becomes a murderous fiend after being led astray by the “devil weed” Marijuana. He mouths off to his parents, steals from the poor box, brutalizes small animals and (GASP!) even tries to tongue kiss his shocked girlfriend!

Attempted interventions and pleas by Mom and Jesus (accompanied by backup angels) go unheard and soon Jimmy’s on the lam in a stolen Packard in this campy, over-the-top new musical. It’s safe to say that “with Reefer, there are no happy endings.”

“I doubt that even the staunchest opponent of mind-altering substances could resist entirely the effects of this delirious romp, which at its best reaches highs of intoxicating goofiness.”
USA Today

“Divertingly silly… offers plenty of entertainment on its own appealingly unpretentious terms”
Daily Variety

“Gleefully over-the-top.”
Time Out, New York

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Audition for Actors’ Theatre This Weekend!

Auditions for the next two Actors’ Theatre productions are this weekend!  Be sure and stop by, auditions are open for both The Sweetest Swing in Baseball and Reefer Madness (and don’t forget, you are welcome to audition for both!)  Auditions are January 15th & 16th – 2PM-5PM, at the Spectrum Theater.

The Sweetest Swing in Baseball
By Rebecca Gilman

Director: Michelle Urbane
Cast: 5 (3 Women, 2 Men w/ role doubling)
Production Dates: March 24-26, March 31 and April 1-2


BRIAN/MICHAEL – late 20’s-40’s
DANA – Female, late 20’s-30’s
ROY/GARY – 30’s-40’s
ERICA/DR. STANTON – 20’s-30’s

(Learn more at www.actorstheatregrandrapids.org)

Reefer Madness!: The Musical
Book by Kevin Murphy, Dan Studney | Music by Dan Studney | Lyrics by Kevin Murphy

Director: Christopher Grooms
Cast: 10-14 (w/ role doubling)
Production Dates: May 26-28, June 2-4


JIMMY – 20’s
THE LECTURER – 30’s-50’s
MAE – 40’s-50’s
JACK/JESUS – 30’s-40’s
MARY – 20’s
RALPH – 30’s-40’s
SALLY – 20’s
ENSEMBLE (Various)

(Learn more at www.actorstheatregrandrapids.org)

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