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‘Mr. Marmalade’ In the The Revue

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Sickly Sweet
Written by S.A. Diaz
Tuesday, 29 December 2009 22:30

If people are to take away anything from Noah Haidle’s Mr. Marmalade, it should be noted how much the exchange from artist to audience is worth.

Cast of 'Mr. Marmalade' at Rehearsal: Taylor John Piedmonte, Krystina Schripsema, Ellie Gramer and Dylan Harris. Photo credit: S.A. Diaz, The Revue

Haidle, East Grand Rapids’ native son, is a successful playwright based in New York who has built a career writing the unconventional. The thoughts and ideas behind a show like Mr. Marmalade are not for everyone. Ironically, that includes the characters themselves.

The events center on the imagination of Lucy, a neglected child of divorce. Played by Krystina Schripsema, she describes Lucy as, “a very mature four year-old, especially with the way she speaks and most of the situations she deals with in the play.”

Those situations are indeed very mature, ranging from her mother’s many late night trysts, to her friendship with a suicidal five year-old, to her adoption of a complete mess of an imaginary friend. Jon Clausen, the actor who plays Mr. Marmalade is very solemn when discussing of the show’s language, “That frankly, should never be a part of a conversation between preschoolers.”

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