Congratulations to the Cast of “Opus”

The world-class Lazara String Quartet is struggling to prepare for their highest-profile performance when they decide to fire their brilliant, yet mercurial, violist. When a young woman is hired as the replacement, her gifts inspire them to attempt a musical feat of epic proportions.

The rehearsal room becomes a pressure cooker as passions rise, personalities clash, and the musicians are forced to tackle life, love, and the ephemeral nature of their work.

Production Dates: January 27-29 & February 3-5, 2011


Meet the Artists

Dorian: Michael Smolinski

Elliott: Greg Rogers

Alan: Ralph Lister

Carl: Steve Anderson

Grace: Lauren Greer

Michael Hollinger, Playwright

A former violist, now playwright, Michael Hollinger chose to write about a world he’s very familiar with in Opus. He is also the author of Tooth and Claw, Red Herring, Tiny Island, Incorruptible, and An Empty Plate in the Cafe du Grand Boeuf all of which premiered at Philadelphia’s Arden Theatre Company and have subsequently been performed around the country. Mr. Hollinger is Assistant Professor of Theatre at Villanova University.

Jeralyn Pinsky, Director

Jeralyn has directed over 15 plays for Actors’ Theatre, starting with it’s first season in 1980, as well as many more in local theaters. Jeralyn holds two Grand Awards to her credit, in addition to a lifetime of acting in local and community theater. She holds a BA from Cornell University and has studied in colloquia with world-class directors at Columbia University, University of Washington, and the University of Illinois.

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