RUST on WGVU Morning Show

Opening Tonight: RUST written by Austin Bunn, with Working Group Theatre. Last night’s enthusiastic final dress rehearsal crowd will tell you this is one Actors’ production not to be missed! Be sure and get your tickets right away – seats are going fast!  The Spectrum Theatre Box Office opens today at 1PM – (616) 234-2946

Want to learn more? Be sure and check out this interview with Shelly Irwin of The WGVU Morning Show.  (Click here to listen in on Shelley Irwin’s interview with cast members Austin Bunn and Bernice Houseward of RUST.)

Front page of the GR Press from Friday, December 20, 1935. The Wyoming plant would announce its closing in 2008.  Learn more about the lives of the West Michigan people that worked there, tonight in RUST at Actors’ Theatre.

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