RRCTC Looking for Actors for an Upcoming Production

Rogue River Community Theatre Company (Rockford) is looking for the following roles to be filled for their Production of The Story of the Titanic, ‘A Ship of Dreams’.  Age range is varied for each role. Need to fill ASAP.

The following actors are need for:

John Astor (25-50)…multi-millionaire from America
Madelaine Astor (17-20)…young wife of John
Ben Guggenheim (25-50)…Famous rich man from America
Leontine Aubert (18-40)…French Singer
Kerin Malone (18-25)…Irish man from Dublin
Dorothy Gibson (18-30)…silent film movie star
Bjoern Englestad (30-60)…Father and teacher from Norway
Ingrid Englestad (28-50)…Mother and wife of Bjoern

3 men..SMALL ROLES  Need to fill these they are the workers on the ship.  This would be a great part for someone who doesn’t want a lot of lines but wants to be in the play. (Could be one night a week practice)

Please contact Ms. Patricia Rose at 616-874-5264 or email Ms. Rose to: stars.foreverlove3@yahoo.com for further information. RRCTC is a family oriented theatre company and would love to speak with you.

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