An Original Art Work for an Original Work of Theatre

If Lines Could Speak by Abigail BradleyYou may have noticed the art work used on the poster is as unique as the production itself. If Lines Could Speak, by Abigail Bradley, is an original work using oil paint and photographic transfer on canvas. It was created exclusively for the production. The artist has this to say about the original work:

Over the years, promoting diversity and positive relationships within our community has become an important value for me. I was inspired by the ideas within Stephanie Sandberg and Company’s ethnography, Lines, to create an original painting, If Lines Could Speak.

This work is an abstracted map of the Greater Grand Rapids area and was made with oil and photographic transfer on canvas. The voices of diversity are represented by the various blocks of color. The red lines are streets that can divide, but can also represent passion and the ability to connect to one another if we so choose.

About the Artist

Abigail Bradley is painter from Grand Rapids, Michigan. Originally from Korea, she was brought to West Michigan at the age of three and raised by her adopted family. She began art studies at Grand Rapids Community College and continued to Kendall College of Art and Design where she received a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Painting. Her work has shown in Huntington Bank during ArtPrize 2009, Cascade Gallery, the VanSingel Fine Arts Center, and Festival of the Arts. Her work may also be seen on display at DeVos Hall for ArtPrize 2010 and The Forest Hills Fine Arts Center – where she is the current Artist-in-Residence.

The original art work, If Lines Could Speak, is on display in the Spectrum Theater Lobby through the run of the performance. See it when you attend Lines: The Lived Experience of Race!

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